When World War II ended, chemical companies started selling NPK, which stands for nitrate/phosphate/potassium. These are used as  fertilizers that made traditional farming methods unprofitable. By the time 1960's arrived, 97% of the American farms became dependent on NPK fertilizers to grow cash crops. Even though plans needed NPK fertilizers to grow, humans need more than nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to grow. The fact the NPK fertilizers substitute only nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium rather than soil nutrients, like selenium, magnesium, boron and chromium, the plants that had grown now have deficiencies. That means, the absent nutrients from the soil will not go to the plants hence we cannot get those nutrients from them. Eating a lot of fruits might still now be enough because of their nutritional deficiencies.


What's worse, these nutritional deficiencies have intensified when we started with preserving methods on the crops. It has been proven by the RDA handbook after reviewing a huge selection of studies that food lost most of their nutritional content on the way to the table. Up until recently, the medical community acknowledged dr joel wallach food supplements are now essential for maintaining good health. The same way it was in 1992, when a Journal of American Association recommended vitamin supplementation in an effort to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Many nutrition specialists are now recommending daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplements to be essential for proper nourishment. It was not later in 1998, the committee publicly recommended Americans to take multi-vitamin and mineral supplements.


Now to the more important discussion, synergy. It is an essential concept in nutrition. Vitamins and minerals need to interdependently for it to work effectively and efficiently. There are media reports emerging that implies we should take vitamin X because it prevents Wala Wala. This is an extremely naive approach, considering it is a single-vitamin supplementation. One example is, calcium supplements for prevention of osteoporosis. Taking calcium excessively for a long time, you may have noticed the increase in bone density. Hence, because of the excessive calcium intake, your calcification of soft tissues and calcium plaque may have also increased in urinary calcium. The nutrients are all involved in the process needs to be balanced by one another in varying amounts. The formation of a bone requires not only calcium, it also needs vitamin D, copper, fluorine, silicon, manganese, and zinc. If there is one deficiency from the list, the result may be a loss in bone mass. A balanced nutrition needs to ensure that the fundamental nutritional combinations took place. Tangy tangerine Multi-vitamin and mineral supplement makes sure of that.


The measure of quantity in a particular substance that you body utilizes is referred to as bioavailability. All types of vitamins and minerals are different, some can be absorbed easily than others. A lot of vitamin supplements that can be purchased at the stores are minimal bioavailable because of their cheap ingredients. These drugs are lawful because by law, pills are chemically true to the contents on the label. Unfortunately, many legal forms pass the liquid chromatography even if they are rarely bioavailable. To know more about food supplements, visit http://www.ehow.com/how_6325452_start-supplement-company.html.



The consumers usually go for the supplement with the most number of ingredients and manufacturers know that and they expect the consumers are uninformed. Most ingredients that are bioavailable take up physical space. That is why high-quality ingredient comes in bigger pills. Because they contain the right amount of nutrients compared with low-quality supplements.